Surrogacy Agreements

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A surrogate-parenting agreement is a contract between a woman and an infertile couple in which the woman provides her uterus to carry an embryo throughout pregnancy.

This is an agreement between the intentional parent and the surrogate mother which provides that the surrogate mother will bear a child for the intentional parent, and will relinquish any and all rights to the child.

Where a surrogate mother is married, her husband also must consent to the terms of the surrogacy contract. According to the agreement, upon the birth of the child the woman will relinquish to the couple any parental rights that she may have.

Complex issues, such as who is the parent of the resulting child: the genetic donor of egg or sperm, a spouse of donor, the surrogate, or the person intending to care for the resulting child, may arise upon the birth of the child. This is also known as a surrogacy contract.

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